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Reunion Registration is open!

Whether you're still in Boston or haven't been back since June 3, 2005, the 10-Year Reunion is the perfect reason to hang out with friends, re-connect with classmates, and witness the changes around campus.

Our reunion weekend is filled with unique and memorable events - you don't want to miss these in particular: 

  • Thursday, June 4 - 118th Tech Night at Pops where MIT rents out Symphony Hall
  • Friday, June 5 - 2005 Pub Night at Mead Hall, a bar formerly known as Quantum Books
  • Saturday, June 6 - TIMtalks and 2005 Dinner in Barker Library
  • Sunday, June 7, 2015 - Reunion Row, the annual crew race along the scenic Charles River

Check out the complete reunion schedule and register for reunions today!

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TIMtalks: Class of 2005 10-Years Later - Speaker Nominations Open!


Saturday, June 6th, 2015


This year, the MIT Class of 2005 10-year Reunion Committee gives a nod to the current undergraduate community by hosting TIMtalks: Class of 2005. The undergraduate annual event called TIMtalks, or "Think. Inspire. Motivate." talks, was envisioned as a platform to promote students who have invented, implemented, succeeded, and even failed at a wide range of ideas, both large and small. 


By bringing TIMtalks to our reunion, we aim to provide the same opportunity for us to reflect, communicate, and discuss the approaches and outcomes of our endeavors in the "real world" -- 10 years later!


We look forward to sharing 5 extraordinary TED-style talks, in good old 10-250, from classmates on how the Institvte has influenced their experience. TIMtalks: Class of 2005 will be an exciting opportunity for us to listen and learn. To revel in class pride. To celebrate and reflect upon our successes and failures. To network and reconnect. To take away a memorable experience for years to come. 


Afterwards, we will have the opportunity to discuss and reconnect at the TIMtalks: Class of 2005 Reception over food and drinks before our Class of 2005 Dinner under The Dome


Speaker Nominations:

Towards this end, we are accepting speaker nominations of your classmates and/or yourselves now through Sunday, March 1, 2015. To nominate yourself or others, please fill out this webform: http://goo.gl/forms/yEgbwIkXoA Nominations will be reviewed and selected by the MIT Class of 2005 10-year Reunion Committee and announced in our next email to the class. 


In considering nominations, remember that "extraordinary" can capture a variety of experiences: the unusual, unique, glamorous, challenging, bizarre, insightful, failure, or success. We look forward to a diverse panel in terms of background, industry, experience, course number, and more.


Questions? Contact TIMtalks: Class of 2005 Committee Chair, Rowena Mittal, at rowena@alum.m sqrt(-1) PV/(nR).edu.


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